About usBIOONLINE PTE LTD., a company incorporated in Singapore with roots in India, is a real estate establishment equitized by Crypto-currency. BIOKKOIN is a unique digital asset, with its intrinsic value backed by land bank worth over $70m. BKK Global is equitizing the global real estate space with BIOKKOIN as its cryptoasset of an evolved blockchain that encourages to lend, borrow, stake Real Estate DeFi through the development of a new communiqué and governance protocol. To grow its foot internationally and to give wings to global presence; the global conglomerate has triggered projects in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Mauritius confined to and adhering universal business guidelines.It is the company’s mission to deliver value creating spaces, and its endeavors epitomize this philosophy. It does not have a single pending grievance with over 1 million gratified clients. The company has a vast land bank with multiple ongoing projects spread over 2200 acres across Maharashtra and Goa.It has been remarkable accomplishment by the organization in delivering assurances in record time and shall always flourish to be spot on. Since, its inception the accountability, profitability, volume and client base has been meticulously ascending. Financial projections are to create multifold accumulation and attainment in years to come.


BIOKKOIN is a distinctive crypto currency, the first ever ALT coin formed on a Blockchain generated by the Ethereum platform with an INTRINSIC value of asset backing. There are 1000s of crypto currencies, coins and tokens where the founders, projects or valuations are completely absent. They are still doing quite well and there existence is speculative in the future as no backing. BKKG is a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to manage the creation of new coins as well as fully secure the transactions weeding out the need for third party like bank, broker or agencies.

The total number of BIOKKOINs that shall be in circulation is capped at 18 million, pre-mined.

BIOKKOIN is a digital asset that was launched on 10/10/2017 at $1(one) and had reached $4(four) during Private Sale. After the launch of White Paper (Legal Manuscript & Prospectus) in March 2018, it kept steadily rising till the end of Pre-Sale on 10/01/2018. The company went public and launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the 10th January, 2019 till 31st December, 2019 @ $15/-(fifteen) per coin. BKKG is successfully trading on international exchanges since March 2020.

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White Paper

The Biokkoin Whitepaper gives framework based on community feedback, business strategy refinement, and legal counsel.


Road Map

Our road to success


We are not the SATOs, NAKAs or MOTOs like the creators of globally accepted most liquid Bitcoin. Well staying anonymous and prospering as a privacy propagator isn’t our tang. We shall be fronting the globe once our milestone is accomplished in a short while.


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The Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay, Downtown core, Singapore


Wisma Leopad, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, KL, Malaysia


Sangkat Touk Thla, Khan Sen Sok Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia


The Bioonline Foundation believes that the Deeds of Charity would be in secret; the lord sees your secret & rewards it openly. We are associated with multiple syndicates and would appeal to you to extend your contribution in BTC/ETH/ BCH towards global harmony by donating in your capacity. Drop an email of your txn. on & receive airdrop. Honestly, you made us proud and we are humbled by your gesture.

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